paper and pen, 2017 (Auszug)

you say

they said

I was given a paper – the pencil was mine

when I started the dra_wing – it just looked like a line

I was acting the drawer – a pastime divine

when’n’while they were watching – me drawing all the time

I had longed to be them-like – an artist abreast

who refined upon drawing – them trusted in my style

show your drawing to the people don’t lay it aside

this is the one rule you do have to abide

if you‘re ever tempted to cross out a line

don’t erase the drawing better think for a while

stick to the drawing – improve your drawing style

          you can’t erase a drawing – you can’t erase in time

          un-less                    you                                  separate

          your pencil from your fingers

         your fingers from your palm


I was taking the page back – hoped for my life if ever I saw one


paper and pen, 2017

perspektiven auf flucht und migration